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Our Beef

HiHo is the only burger restaurant that exclusively serves 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished Wagyu.
Why? Because it simply tastes better. It's also better for your health and the environment. According to a Wall Street Journal* article about the best-tasting beef, “If you should find grass-fed Wagyu, buy it.”

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Our Burger

Use the absolute best and grind whole cuts fresh every day, adding nothing but salt and pepper.

Don’t get in the way of the simplicity of the old-school flavors — beef, cheese, and ketchup make a great flavor combination.

Stay with the classic white bun and American cheese – it’s just not the original without them.

Handle every detail with heart and precision.

The Best Ingredients

We hand-cut our own fries from non-GMO potatoes.

We slow-cook our non-GMO onions for hours, not minutes.

Our bun is baked daily using locally milled flour and made with no preservatives.

There is no high fructose corn syrup in our buns, shakes, pickles, or ketchup.

Our pies are made from scratch every day.

Our milkshakes are made-from-scratch; we make our ice cream base in-house with six simple all-natural ingredients and no artificial stabilizers.

Our house-made, gluten-free vegan patty is made with a blend of grains, legumes, and spices that yield bold taste and protein balance.