Our Wagyu Beef is grass-fed and grass-finished.
Certified Humane and Sustainably raised,
Omega-3 Rich, GMO & Antibiotic-free.

HIHO cheeseburger*

LETTUCE, HOUSE-MADE pickles, mustard grilled

Double - 1/3 lb of Beef | $7.95

TRIPLE - 1/2 LB OF BEEF | $10.95

Make it spicy $1.50

Classic cheeseburger*


Double - 1/3 lb of Beef | $7.95

TRIPLE - 1/2 LB OF BEEF | $10.95

Make it spicy $1.50

Vegetarian HIHO*

Gluten-free, House-Made vegan Patty | $6.95

Make it spicy $1.50

The Willie Mae

Willie Mae's of New Orleans Fried Chicken,
HiHo Pickles, Organic Honey & Slaw Sauce
and Purple Cabbage 
| $10.95

Our beef and veg burgers are available
in a lettuce wrap. Feel free to add or subtract
any burger topping,but we do not serve them
“on the side” or “add extra.”


Hand-Cut, Twice-Fried | $3.95

Salad & More

Caesar Salad | $7.95

Kids' Grilled Cheese | $5.50

House-Made Pickles | $3.00

House-Made Desserts

Banana Cream Pie | $7.00

Key Lime Pie | $7.00

Cheesecake | $7.00


Our Milkshakes are from a family-run
farm-to-table creamery. All-natural ingredients
no artificial stabilizers | $5.95

Vanilla, Chocolate or Both

Soda and Tea

Real Sugar Root Beer & Lemonade | $2.95
Coke or Diet Coke | $2.95
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea | $2.95


Firestone 805 (Blonde) | $7.00
Firestone Luponic (IPA) | $7.00
Sapporo | $7.00


Love Block (Savignon Blanc) | $11.00
Elouan (Pinot Noir) | $9.50
Brassfield (Cabinet) | $11.00

A 6% fee will be added to your bill:
This is not a gratuity or tip.
We are a no-tipping establishment.
The fee is revenue that is not segmented
or designated it anyway;
it is taxed per state law and is used to
fund all of our operations. 

The Willie Mae Fried Chicken Sandwich

The "Willie Mae” fried chicken sandwich is only available for in-store ordering (outdoor dining when available) as well as pick-up using the HiHo Mobile and Postmates app.

Open for Pick-Up & Delivery graphic

We ask that you follow our strict social distancing policies by maintaining six feet of distance between you and other people when picking up your to-go orders.
Thank You.

Slice of Banana Cream Pie

For whole pie orders, CLICK HERE. A member of our staff will contact you right away. We make our pies from scratch every morning, please give us a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.