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Online Ordering

For whole pie orders, CLICK HERE. A member of our staff will contact you right away. We make our pies from scratch every morning, please give us a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.


All burgers are available in a lettuce wrap.
Feel free to add or subtract any burger topping,
but we do not serve them "on the side" or "add extra."
A 6% fee will be added to your bill:
This is not a gratuity or tip.
We are a no-tipping establishment.
The fee is revenue that is not segmented
or designated it anyway;
it is taxed per state law and is used to
fund all of our operations. 


Salads & More

House-Made Desserts

when available

Whole pies can be ordered in advance.


Our small batch milkshakes are from a farm-to-table creamery in Seattle all-natural ingredients. No artificial Stabilizers


Craft Drinks, Real Sugar, Small Batch


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