Our Wagyu Beef is grass-fed
and grass-finished.
Certified Humane and Sustainably raised,
Omega-3 Rich, GMO & Antibiotic-free.

A 6% fee will be added to each bill.
(See below for details)

HIHO cheeseburger*

LETTUCE, HOUSE-MADE pickles, mustard grilled

Double - 1/3 lb of Beef | $8.25

TRIPLE - 1/2 LB OF BEEF | $11.50

Add Pastrami $3.50
Make it spicy $1.50

Classic cheeseburger*


Double - 1/3 lb of Beef | $8.25

TRIPLE - 1/2 LB OF BEEF | $11.50

Add Pastrami $3.50
Make it spicy $1.50

Vegetarian HIHO*

Gluten-free, House-Made vegan Patty | $8.25

Add Pastrami $3.50
Make it spicy $1.50

The Willie Mae

Willie Mae's of New Orleans Fried Chicken,
HiHo Pickles, Organic Honey & Slaw Sauce
and Purple Cabbage 
| $10.95

  • Our beef and veg burgers are available
    in a lettuce wrap. Feel free to add or subtract
    any burger topping, but we do not serve them
    “on the side” or “add extra.”


Hand-Cut, Twice-Fried | $4.15

Salad & More

Caesar Salad | $8.95

Kids' Grilled Cheese | $5.95

House-Made Pickles | $3.75

House-Made Desserts

Banana Cream Pie | $7.00

Key Lime Pie | $7.00

Cheesecake | $7.00


Our Milkshakes are from a family-run
farm-to-table creamery. All-natural ingredients
no artificial stabilizers | $5.95

Vanilla, chocolate, or mix shake

Soda and Tea

Coke, Diet Coke, Real Sugar Lemonade and Root Beer | $2.95
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea | $2.95


Firestone 805 (Blonde) | $7.00
Firestone Luponic (IPA) | $7.00
Sapporo | $7.00


Love Block (Sauvignon Blanc) | $11.00
Elouan (Pinot Noir) | $9.50
Brassfield (Cabernet Sauvignon) | $11.00

A 6% fee will be added to your bill:
This is not a gratuity or tip.
We are a no-tipping establishment.
The fee is revenue that is not segmented
or designated in any way;
it is taxed per state law and is used to
fund all of our operations.

The Willie Mae Fried Chicken Sandwich

Slice of Banana Cream Pie


Our whole pies and cheesecakes can be ordered for pick up at any of our restaurants. Orders can be placed in advance but must be placed, at the latest, by noon the day prior to pickup.