Made From Scratch Shakes

Our New Made-From-Scratch Shakes.


vanilla and chocolate milk shakes

We believe that the best tasting food is made with whole, real ingredients. Since the day we opened HiHo we have sourced our milkshake base from high-quality, small-batch, family-run creameries. We loved the shakes, but when the creamery we loved the most decided to close, it was time to take things to the next level.

We are forever in search of better taste achieved through cleaner ingredients. Shakes were the next opportunity and a challenge we welcomed. After a year of research and time in the test kitchen, (and with a ton of help from our last supplier) we are now doing what nobody else does. We make our ice cream base in-house, completely from scratch.

 We make our ice cream base in-house, completely from scratch. 

Our base is made with just six pure ingredients, including single-ingredient cream. (Who knew that most cream has more than one ingredient. You would think it's made from just milk, right?  Nope, take a look. Mono and diglycerides, phosphate 80, carrageenan, gellen gum, etc.)

We make the ice cream base in two flavors - vanilla and chocolate. For the vanilla, we use hand-harvested Madagascar vanilla. For the chocolate, we use real Valrhona® chocolate.

You can enjoy them as they are, combine them, or you can now mix in two brand-new flavors. We make a strawberry shake by mixing in our house-made strawberry sauce with whole strawberries. Or a cookies-and-cream shake by mixing in Oreo® cookies. Or do both. There are twelve distinct combinations you can create with these two base flavors and two mix-ins.

We hope to add more mix-ins in the future. What should be next?  Let us know!