Feed the Front Line


Last week, HiHo was honored to provide dinner to a group of healthcare providers from the ICU at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. In recognition of the extraordinary efforts that these medical workers - and those just like them at other local hospitals - are making to bravely provide care for our communities, we, along with our sister companies,UOVO and Sushi Nozawa Group's KazuNori, have joined together to  Feed the Front Line.

Feed the Front Line will provide complimentary meals to healthcare providers who work in our local intensive care units and emergency rooms. If you are part of an ICU or ER team and would like to request a complimentary meal from HiHo Cheeseburger, please click the button below for more information and to submit your request.


Instagram Button to KazuNori

For KazuNori, Click Here. | For UOVO, Click Here.

General requirements:

To participate in this initiative, you must be a nurse or a doctor in an ICU or ER team at a local hospital. You or someone you designate can pick up food at our restaurant. The request is for a single group meal order of 20-30 people for pick-up Monday through Thursday at 5 pm only.

Our "Feed the Front Line" initiative is made possible by the joint owners of Sushi Nozawa Group, HiHo Cheeseburger, UOVO, and their friends & family.
Feed the Front Line | Responding to COVID-19. Learn More